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On difficulty tiers

Posted in Raid Night, WoW with tags , , , on December 10, 2011 by Sindanda

I’ve been in LFR, Normal, and Heroic encounters in Dragon Soul.  The biggest pitfall I’ve come across is thinking that they relate, strategy wise.  They do not.

Let me repeat and rephrase that.  LFR is not Normal.  Normal is not Heroic.  Making the mistake of thinking that the abilities and general strategy are the same across the difficulty levels is wrong.  What is dangerous in normal is not what is dangerous (read: Lethal) in Heroic.

Just thought I’d make that point.


Slimes for days.

Posted in Raid Night, WoW with tags , , , , on December 7, 2011 by Sindanda

Our introductory sojourn into heroic Dragon Soul proved to be…. not as heroic as I would have liked. 

Morchok felt good.  My healing was solid, compared to the other healers.  And there was a progression.  The first few pulls were outright awful.  We did better though.  We were able to identify why we were failing, and improve on those points, until a kill came. 

Yor’shaj was not a similar situation.  It really felt like no matter what we did, what ooze combinations we tried, damage became unhealable.  Even with 3 A+ healers, it just wasn’t happening.  There was no learning, there was no progress, there was only pointless wiping.  I can only hope there’s some detail we’re missing, or the fight is ridiculously overtuned. 

We did a few pulls on Zon’0zz.  Not really enough to gauge what was happening very well, but it seems like it’s going to be a very fine line between how many times we bounce the ball and then let him into P2.  There’s adds, many adds, in that phase, and they don’t despawn.  The must be killed.  So you can’t transition him too often, or you get swamped.  But if you don’t transition him enough, tank damage gets unhealable.

Overall, it’s hard, which is what we want.  I’m not upset.  I’m frustrated.  But we will overcome, or we’ll break.  As always with progression.

A few heart attacks later…

Posted in Healing, Raid Night, WoW with tags , , , , , , on August 11, 2011 by Sindanda

Yet again, and quite happily, I have been proven wrong.

We attempted Baleroc again, against my better judgement, and the attempts all around were inconsistent at best.  We had done pulls previously, as I had mentioned in posts past, but somehow, miraculously, on attempt # 30 even, we killed him.  I was absolutely stunned, and am in awe again about the caliber of players that’s coexist with me within the raid frames.  They’re an amazing bunch, and I really appreciate their support.

I felt like much of the burden for this fight lay on the healers, me and my holy pally.  I haven’t healed anything else in this expansion that put so much stress on me to pick exactly the right spell at exactly the right time.  Throughout our attempts I struggled with the decision of HW vs. GHW?  Riptide or UE?  Natures Swiftness now or save it for the Decimation Blade?  Ultimately, I attribute a lot of my personal success in this fight to my mastery.  Plain and simple, without that extra modifier there for my clutch Riptides and UE’d GHW’s, there definately wouldn’t have been enough meat in my heals to feed the hungry health pools that chirp chirped through just over 6 minutes of pure, unleashed hell.

So how did we do it?  It was intense for me to say the least.  The first portion of the fight was a Shadow Priest taking one whole Torment phase for both of us to build stacks on.  Rae built about 40 or so before swapping over to heal the tank, while I continued to pump Bloodlust/berserking hasted Healing Surges into the shadow priest, and then the next round of shard soakers.  So I healed through two total shards, and got about 120 or so stacks.  I poped Tide as soon as I started this, because we NEEDED two tides, and there was no point in saving it.  I can’t think of a fight where I’ve popped tide within the first 15 seconds, but I’m sure it may have happened before.  Still, I hovered around 30% mana for the rest of the fight, which was nerve-wracking, to say the least.

At that point I went, pretty much full time, onto the tank.  I didn’t ever concentrate on attempting to build stacks after that, it was just a matter of me keeping my heals up on the tank, tossing Riptides to the low torment soakers (Thank goodness for my mastery!).  I would UE whenever for a Decimation phase, but for the most part it was GHW into Riptide to keep him up.  It did the job, but I pre-cast a lot before the hit was to go off.  Again, right here, I cannot stress the importance of my mastery in this.  I could have done it without it, most likely, but not without a lot more difficulty.

In the end, our tank somehow took a torment stack, which we thought was a wipe.  Apparently not, however, the Decimation either ignores the debuff, or it fell off before the last, and only one to hit him (out of three) landed.  He did end up dying, and an iceblocked mage was the only man left standing/freezing, to let the dots roll and kill him.  I’m okay with that (for now).

Now on to the really exciting stuff.  I rank 8th on this fight, with just under 41k HPS.  Compare this to my Holy Pally peer, ranking 129 with jsut shy of 45k.  That means, to me, two possibilities,  people are bringing less resto shamans, which pits me against a smaller pool of people, and/or resto shamans are just, as a baseline, incapable of pushing the pure throughput that a holy pally is.  I think both of these are at work here, but regardless, I did the 8th highest healing per second on this fight.  And I’m extremely happy with that.

What I learned on this fight is 1) I am in love with my mastery.  2) Latency was huge here.  There were so many times both of us saw our heals land on our client, but the server never got it.  It was just…intense.  As much as I’m happy that it was difficult, and that we overcame it, I never ever want to heal it again.

And tomorrow, Beth for sure.