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We killed Yor’shaj heroic, finally, and came a hair away from a Zon’ozz kill.  This is something we really, very much-needed as a guild.  Our progression in Dragon Soul was stalled, as it was in Tier 12, at the first few weeks, until we got comfortable with the instance.

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More totems, FASTER

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So we decided to finish our second Dragonwrath before hitting Dragon Soul last night.  This included a full 7/7 heroic run of Firelands.  I had decided to break my long standing gruge against anything non-mastery related.  So I reforged.  Everything.  Mastery became haste.  Crit….for the most part stayed crit, but sometimes became haste.  The end result was me going from a modest 916 haste rating to 2015, this gives me another tick of riptide heal on an unrefreshed HoT.  My crit chance is around 20% unbuffed, which is pretty much what it was previously.  My mastery plummeted from around 57% increased healing based on health to 30%-ish. 

On farm content, it felt great.  The logs look great.  My HPS has gone up.  Problem?  It’s farm content.  I know all these fights, intimately.  It’s not what I want to gauge myself on.

We did get about an hour on Zon’ozz, with a second Dragonwrath.  We made progress.  Again, my healing felt better, a lot better.  The faster heals push my HPS in a more reactive way, which is what I’m going to need on progression.  True, I’ll spend mana faster, but I’ve switched (For the moment)  to regen trinkets, and speced into Telluric Currents rather than Focused Insight.  I feel like it’s a good change, I can push the heals hard when I need to, and regen when I don’t.

To do:  Figure out if my stat priority will be Haste>Matery>Crit or Haste>Crit>Mastery.  Ug, still so many decisions.

Slimes for days.

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Our introductory sojourn into heroic Dragon Soul proved to be…. not as heroic as I would have liked. 

Morchok felt good.  My healing was solid, compared to the other healers.  And there was a progression.  The first few pulls were outright awful.  We did better though.  We were able to identify why we were failing, and improve on those points, until a kill came. 

Yor’shaj was not a similar situation.  It really felt like no matter what we did, what ooze combinations we tried, damage became unhealable.  Even with 3 A+ healers, it just wasn’t happening.  There was no learning, there was no progress, there was only pointless wiping.  I can only hope there’s some detail we’re missing, or the fight is ridiculously overtuned. 

We did a few pulls on Zon’0zz.  Not really enough to gauge what was happening very well, but it seems like it’s going to be a very fine line between how many times we bounce the ball and then let him into P2.  There’s adds, many adds, in that phase, and they don’t despawn.  The must be killed.  So you can’t transition him too often, or you get swamped.  But if you don’t transition him enough, tank damage gets unhealable.

Overall, it’s hard, which is what we want.  I’m not upset.  I’m frustrated.  But we will overcome, or we’ll break.  As always with progression.

Not a real post.

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The raid week begins again, and as we elegantly tripped our way through the 3 encounters we had previously killed, I thought about what was ahead.  Baleroc stands as a terrifying banner-bearer (to me) advertising proudly the horrors to come beyond his gate.  Staghelm and Ragnaros are between 2-4 weeks away, and my mind is already slipping to those world firsts, where there were no shaman to speak of.  And so much to-do about it.  I won’t get benched, simply because at the moment we have noone else.  But that’s not very reassuring.

What is reassuring is that I ranked again, on Alysrazor.  I’m very exctied about this, but I want to reinforce the fact that I do not now believe that meters and mundane numbers are enough to quantify a healers effectiveness.  My ranking, to me, only means that I’m capable of pushing throughput at a similar level as my peers.  If I never ranked, I’d still think I was a good healer, if I were saving lives, and making it through encounters.

Beth is on our plate for next raid night.  I hope to report a kill.  We were struggling last night, but we swapped the pally and I, and I’m now on the top tank/dps, and I’m using glyphed stoneclaw on cooldown, and things are going swimmingly.  My spell repertoire consists of GHW, Riptide, and UE up top, and Riptide when we decend.  I’m concerned about mana, as we’ve made it to about the halfway mark in the fight, and after trinket/tide we wipe and I’m at about 50% mana.  I think ultimately this is going to end up like Nefarian, where we’re all healing on fumes, essentially, saving the raid by the skin of our teeth.

Echoes of tier 3

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Heroic Baleroc was a very sobering experience.  There was a stark, bold contrast between this fight and every thing else we’ve done in Cataclysm to date.  The reason is because it’s the only fight that feels like we can’t do it yet.  Like we’re somehow not supposed to be here.  It’s as if, by the numbers and the analysis, Baleroc has said “No, turn around and get more gear, then you may proceed”.

Let me explain.  We three healed the encounter, which was unstable at first, but we got it done.  We we going along, making great headway, and then there was one of those attempts that just ‘clicked’.  I just got to a point, watching the raid, hearing the calls, that everything was working, we were doing it right!  It didn’t last long.  Baleroc finally decided to stop kidding around, and enraged.  We stayed alive for a solid 7 seconds before all of us lay dead at his feet/hoove things.

We did it right, the execution was spot on, for the most part.  So just do more DPS next time, right?  Sort of.  When we wiped, Baleroc had ~12 million HP left.  There weren’t any unnecessary deaths, there wasn’t any “OOPS WE FORGOT TO FLASK”.  We were all at about 100%, and we failed.  This is the part that gets me.  Never before in this tier nor the previous have we come up against this particular block.  Even if we brought in another DPS and two healed it, at a generous 30k DPS estimate, that’s only an extra 10.8 mill.  It doesn’t seem like we can close that gap right now.

It’s pretty clear what this means to us as a guild.  That we need to invest more into our DPS.  We shard at least 50% of our heroic loot from this tier already, and have been since week 1.  I understand being gated by a dps check, but I don’t like it.

It wasn’t a rock, it was a ROCK MONSTER!

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First night in Firelands for the week.  Our Resto druid was without power, so we had to make due with a holy pally and me.  For Heroic Shannox we had our shadow priest spec disc, which left us without replenishment.  It didn’t seem to affect me as much as it did our Pally, but I’m fairly sure he’s running much different trinkets than me.  Currently I’m sporting Darkmoon card and Jar of Anicent Remedies, both of which provide huge regen.  Which makes me really shaky about replacing either of them with throughput trinkets. 
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