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We killed Yor’shaj heroic, finally, and came a hair away from a Zon’ozz kill.  This is something we really, very much-needed as a guild.  Our progression in Dragon Soul was stalled, as it was in Tier 12, at the first few weeks, until we got comfortable with the instance.

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Been a while

Posted in WoW with tags , , on August 29, 2011 by Sindanda

I’ve been almost as busy as an ele trying to keep Searing totem on the right target.  Jeez.  Apparently new babies are lots of work?  Who knew.

We finally took 6/7 with Beth.  Really not sure why it was so difficult for us, but we made it through.  If you ever asked me “What’s your favorite add control dependent fight?”  I would have to say none of them.  I could go on for a while about why, about what exactly it is that makes it so terrible as a design, but I won’t.  I’ll just leave it at I don’t like them.

So yes, my nightmare has come true, and we’re facing down Heroic Ragnaros.  I’m not even sure where to begin expounding on the fear that this strikes in my heart of hearts.  We didn’t try him on the first or second lockout of being 6/7.  Our GM is concerned about healer gear.  I’m concerned about everyone’s gear.  We’ll probably begin attempts this week, at least to test the waters.

In other news, I’m an Officer now.  And I’m mainly in charge of recruitment.  And I’m recruiting for a second group.  It’s an enormous amount of work.  For two days all I did was talk to people in game and over voice chat, running trials in 5 mans.  It’s pretty crazy, but I’m happy to stay busy, and contribute to the guild.  I think that continually striving for higher plateaus of play is what separates guilds that fail and guilds that stay strong, especially through expansions.  I’ve always been attracted to recruitment for some reason.  Maybe I’m destined for a career in HR, but it’s one of my favorite administrative activities.

In regards to Group two, here’s our current darling main tank!

She'll eat your heart

Cute?  Yes.  But she’ll eat your heart right out of your chest.