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Echoes of tier 3

Posted in Raid Night, WoW with tags , , , , on August 8, 2011 by Sindanda

Heroic Baleroc was a very sobering experience.  There was a stark, bold contrast between this fight and every thing else we’ve done in Cataclysm to date.  The reason is because it’s the only fight that feels like we can’t do it yet.  Like we’re somehow not supposed to be here.  It’s as if, by the numbers and the analysis, Baleroc has said “No, turn around and get more gear, then you may proceed”.

Let me explain.  We three healed the encounter, which was unstable at first, but we got it done.  We we going along, making great headway, and then there was one of those attempts that just ‘clicked’.  I just got to a point, watching the raid, hearing the calls, that everything was working, we were doing it right!  It didn’t last long.  Baleroc finally decided to stop kidding around, and enraged.  We stayed alive for a solid 7 seconds before all of us lay dead at his feet/hoove things.

We did it right, the execution was spot on, for the most part.  So just do more DPS next time, right?  Sort of.  When we wiped, Baleroc had ~12 million HP left.  There weren’t any unnecessary deaths, there wasn’t any “OOPS WE FORGOT TO FLASK”.  We were all at about 100%, and we failed.  This is the part that gets me.  Never before in this tier nor the previous have we come up against this particular block.  Even if we brought in another DPS and two healed it, at a generous 30k DPS estimate, that’s only an extra 10.8 mill.  It doesn’t seem like we can close that gap right now.

It’s pretty clear what this means to us as a guild.  That we need to invest more into our DPS.  We shard at least 50% of our heroic loot from this tier already, and have been since week 1.  I understand being gated by a dps check, but I don’t like it.