Sindanda.  Full-time resto shaman and a part time jerk.


I raid (and everything else) on Blackwing Lair – US in the guild Methodic with some of the most incredible players that I’ve ever seen.


I’ve been playing WoW Since 2006, and end game raiding for almost as long.  My love affair with healing came in Vanilla when I would desperately try to kill any resto shaman in PvP, and nine times out of ten, fail miserably.  It was then that I knew, the power of life (or filling green bars) was something that fascinated me for no apparent reason.


“Flowers and Flashlights?  What?”

It’s strange, but through my healing career, I’ve always somehow found myself befriending and working with Paladins, now weilders of the almighty Flashlight of Healing!  I thought it only fitting that this be a central point of interest, as I try to explore the complex relationships that me and my raid team have in and out of game.

To address why I play WoW?  I’ve never been big on MMOs, but I’ve been playing Blizzard games for ages.  Since Warcraft, which my father so innocently and unknowingly laid in front of me, till now, I have been enjoying the hell out of their games (arguably too much).


I could come up with dozens of reasons to blog, but I’m going to lay out a very specific mission statement here and now.  This is not a personal blog, this is not a thing for me to try to get famous with.  It is for me to maintain a point of reflection on my passion, which is healing on my shaman.  Recently I’ve been questioning the styles that I heal with, and my choices in terms of gearing.  I often wish that I had a reference point, from last tier, from the tier before, etc.  This is what I’d like that to be, a tool to help me get better.


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