We killed Yor’shaj heroic, finally, and came a hair away from a Zon’ozz kill.  This is something we really, very much-needed as a guild.  Our progression in Dragon Soul was stalled, as it was in Tier 12, at the first few weeks, until we got comfortable with the instance.

I have no doubt we will kill Zon’ozz tonight.  Apparently Hagara and Ultraxion aren’t as difficult.  It’ll be nice if that’s true.  Coming away from this raid week with 4 or 5 our of 8 would be…incredible.  I expect 4, but 3 would be respectable as well.  As it stands, we’re US 300 something, which is not where we want to be, at all.  Two kills would put us back in the mid 100’s, which is what we’re used to, and what we’re capable of.

We got three (!!!) new guild members.  A shadow priest, a hunter, and a disc priest.  The fresh blood is helping, I can tell.  The guys are having a lot more fun, and with the Yor’shaj kill freshly hung upon our belts, I can see spirits being high as we push forward.  I’m glad.  I feed off of the success or failure of our attempts.  The dynamic I have is an appropriate compliment and/or foil to our Raid Lead.  Many of the things that discourage him will steel my resolve, and vice versa, so we’re not entirely at the mercy of one ebb and flow, but rather two that push and pull at each other in the right places to bring together a tumultuous balance.  A semblance of order in chaos.

Enough waxing philosophic about leadership.  I originally DPS’ed on Yor’shaj.  I am not as competitive as I want to be as ele.  I’m bottom of the meters, not by much, but on almost every serious raid pull, I’m 2-5k dps behind our lowest.  My gear is outmoded, for sure.  I think I’m doing well, for 6 of my pieces being sub-optimal, and having a bad trinket.  Once my ilevel gets up a bit, and I can replace my resto pieces (And maybe get some sweet Tier 13 bonuses) I’ll be on par with the rest of the boys. 

Unfortunately the new Disc priest wasn’t where our Raid Lead wanted him to be.  I knew this transition was going to be an issue, so I wasn’t surprised when I was asked to flip back Resto to replace him.  I did well.  I reforged about 400 of my spirit off to crit/mastery.  It seemed to help a bit, and I might push this even more once I get some DS regen trinkets. 

On the subject of the priest, his raw numbers weren’t bad, but the synergy was off.  Healing is such an intimate and delicate thing sometimes.  I trust my other healers right now, the priest doesn’t.  They don’t trust him.  So they overheal, they snipe, they try to get things that already have casts going on them.  He doesn’t like it, but I want to give the priest more time to mesh with our Raid Leader.


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