A buff is a buff. Or is it?

I’ve been a shaman for a long time.  I’m so used to bringing some sort of unique buff to the raid.  I was very disheartened when the “Bring the player, not the class” philosophy was implemented, and essentially decimated our versatility and unique buffs.  I feel it’s a lot of the reason that shamans are low man on the totem pole in pretty much all specs right now. 

4.3 brought Ancestral Vigor.  Essentially, 10% of the amount I heal is added to the maximum health of whoever I heal, up to 10% of their max health.  Effectively this means at the very least, 10% additional tank health on a standard fight, where I can roll riptides.  At the very most, I can roll this, through Healing Rain, across the entire frigging raid. 

From a binary perspective, this is a buff.  It wasn’t a nerf, right?  Some people disagree.  Apparently, they feel as if this change devalues our mastery, since our mastery scales from % of missing health.  Someone did some math on it, and figured it devalues mastery by about 1/11th of the pre-4.3 value.  That’s 9%. 

So yes, I’ll concede that this is a nerf, in a way.  It actively nerfs our HPS, but increases the survivability of the raid.  HOWEVER, it’s a start.  Blizzard may not quite understand how to buff us, but it’s a small step in a vaguely correct direction, which is allowing Shamans to bring something, anything, that noone else brings to a raid.  I mean, if mages can Bloodlust, you need to throw us some kind of bone.


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