Eff it

I’ve played with some of the worst players that play this game, but currently I’m playing with some of the best, and I’m thankful for that. Our first group is incredible, US top 100, just absolutely stellar players. But for some reason that momentum, that gravity, have an effect on our second group.

I’ve recruited great players. I’ve brought them into a great guild, with great players. But for the fucking life of me, I cannot make them log in. It vexes me. These are people that transfered specifically to play with this group. They payed real money to not log in. And now the ones that do show, the ones that truly want to get the content done look up and say to me ‘Why?’. I don’t have an answer, and it kills me. Being understaffed hurts everyone, and I’m feeling the effects of it. It’s destroying my interest in the game, and worst of all it’s endangering my group 1 passion.

I try so hard, and the few bad apples just kick my ass.


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