The flaming road we walk

I’ve found myself more and more, willing to sub out for fights.  There’s just very little for me, in terms of experience and gear I want.  A similar situation happened to me in Tier 6 content.  I was in a bleeding edge raiding guild, and we conquored Illidan, finally.  It was a tremendous feeling.  But then I noticed something.  I didn’t really have the desire to play, the drive that there once was to be better and get fights done in more innovative ways just sort of evaporated.  I had all the gear that I could have wanted.  The best that the game could offer for two specs.  Ultimately I ended up disposing of the druid and quitting the game for a while.  I guess I could sort of equate it to trying to catch a greased pig.  It’s not catching the pig that’s fun, it’s the chasing him, it’s the experience in catching him that’s what you’re in it for.  Shit if I wanted a greased pig I’d buy one that was already caught and grease it myself.


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