Something I find incredibly striking is the intensity at which most people play this game.  Both in volume of time as well as simple passion about what they do.  As an excerpt of my experiences, I was speaking to a Deathknight tank during ICC.  He was frost, the ‘acceptable’ raid tanking spec at the moment, and I brought up Blood, as a tanking spec.  His near immediate reaction was knee-jerk and hostile.  He assumed I thought that he didn’t know what he was doing, or that I was saying ‘You’re doing it wrong’ which is not the case, I was saying more of  ‘Maybe there’s a different way to do it that might benefit us in certian scenarios.’

I think this example accurately encompasses how people, most people, approach the game.  When you spend hours, many hours, ususally stretched over so many weeks with a character, spending time with it, learning what you can leveling up, your experience is your own and noone elses.  Your perception is dictated solely by the choices you make, and how they effect you.  The NPC’s don’t say when you train something ‘Oh this is a good choice for AOE situations, but you don’t want to use it all the time.’ 

Now the problem here is that the goal of all players is not universally the same.  Not everyone wants to be a minmax guy.   Not all mages want to be exclusively glass cannons.  Sometimes some people just want to do things because it looks cool, or because it hits harder, and they like bigger numbers, without the regard for the damager-per-mana they’re getting out of it.

That’s what makes criticism in Azeroth so difficult, because the advice I’m giving you may not be FOR you.  I’ve taken the path of least resistance, at least, outside of guild, by doling out my wisdom only to those that seek it, rather than in a proactive manner.   Seems to resolve the issue of getting yelled at or excessively trolled.


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