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Eff it

Posted in WoW on September 26, 2011 by Sindanda

I’ve played with some of the worst players that play this game, but currently I’m playing with some of the best, and I’m thankful for that. Our first group is incredible, US top 100, just absolutely stellar players. But for some reason that momentum, that gravity, have an effect on our second group.

I’ve recruited great players. I’ve brought them into a great guild, with great players. But for the fucking life of me, I cannot make them log in. It vexes me. These are people that transfered specifically to play with this group. They payed real money to not log in. And now the ones that do show, the ones that truly want to get the content done look up and say to me ‘Why?’. I don’t have an answer, and it kills me. Being understaffed hurts everyone, and I’m feeling the effects of it. It’s destroying my interest in the game, and worst of all it’s endangering my group 1 passion.

I try so hard, and the few bad apples just kick my ass.


The flaming road we walk

Posted in WoW with tags on September 23, 2011 by Sindanda

I’ve found myself more and more, willing to sub out for fights.  There’s just very little for me, in terms of experience and gear I want.  A similar situation happened to me in Tier 6 content.  I was in a bleeding edge raiding guild, and we conquored Illidan, finally.  It was a tremendous feeling.  But then I noticed something.  I didn’t really have the desire to play, the drive that there once was to be better and get fights done in more innovative ways just sort of evaporated.  I had all the gear that I could have wanted.  The best that the game could offer for two specs.  Ultimately I ended up disposing of the druid and quitting the game for a while.  I guess I could sort of equate it to trying to catch a greased pig.  It’s not catching the pig that’s fun, it’s the chasing him, it’s the experience in catching him that’s what you’re in it for.  Shit if I wanted a greased pig I’d buy one that was already caught and grease it myself.

Don’t pee on my desk.

Posted in WoW on September 17, 2011 by Sindanda

So, our hunter quit. 

I saw this coming.  I hold no ill will toward him for the decision, but the execution could have been infinitely better.  For most of the team, this means an inconvience, a bit of uncertianty for next week and possibly even more turbulent farming.  For me, as an officer of recruitment, or in this situation also referred to as, officer of being prepared for shit like this, I was quite not. 

It wasn’t a secret that our hunter was unhappy.  As a naturally empathetic person, I certianly picked up on the little quips he threw out here and there.  I probably should have tried harder to stop this, but, at the same time, if he wasn’t happy, then why should I have prolonged his exposure to the situation?

This does, in fact, leave us quite fucked.  He was a good hunter, of our caliber, which is again, good.  It’ll be difficult to find someone who not only IS a hunter, but also works well with the rest of the boys. 

To me, there was a better exit strategy than this.  Rather than just saying “I’m done” in  forum post, I feel like he should have put in his two weeks.  A lot of people think this is stupid as hell, I know they do, because this is a game.  But it’s also an obligation I take seriously, and fucking over 9 of your friends doesn’t curry favor with any version of karma you believe in. 

My friend asked me, if this is just a fit, a little tantrum to make a point, would I take him back.  The decision is not wholly my own, but in my mind, there’s a clear distinction between the type of person you seriously raid with, and that cares about the group over themselves, and someone who’s a little more selfish.  So my answer is no.  I’d rather find someone who wants to be there, for the guild, rather than for themself.  All for one and one for all.

4 minute post

Posted in WoW on September 15, 2011 by Sindanda

We had a bad run.  I mean, catastrophic.  Ryolith was a mess, a real fucking train wreck.  Alys and Baleroc were similar.  A night that should have began in firelands and ended with us searching through dragon guts for another Shard of Woe turned into an absolutely pathetic display of our ineptitude. 

I blame it on the trial we had in the raid.  It’s been a very long time since we’ve had anyone new in the progression group, and I think we all got performance anxiety trying to be flashy. 

We’ll pick it up.  But I don’t think I’ll get over that night for a long time.

Posted in WoW on September 13, 2011 by Sindanda

Something I find incredibly striking is the intensity at which most people play this game.  Both in volume of time as well as simple passion about what they do.  As an excerpt of my experiences, I was speaking to a Deathknight tank during ICC.  He was frost, the ‘acceptable’ raid tanking spec at the moment, and I brought up Blood, as a tanking spec.  His near immediate reaction was knee-jerk and hostile.  He assumed I thought that he didn’t know what he was doing, or that I was saying ‘You’re doing it wrong’ which is not the case, I was saying more of  ‘Maybe there’s a different way to do it that might benefit us in certian scenarios.’ Continue reading