It wasn’t a rock, it was a ROCK MONSTER!

First night in Firelands for the week.  Our Resto druid was without power, so we had to make due with a holy pally and me.  For Heroic Shannox we had our shadow priest spec disc, which left us without replenishment.  It didn’t seem to affect me as much as it did our Pally, but I’m fairly sure he’s running much different trinkets than me.  Currently I’m sporting Darkmoon card and Jar of Anicent Remedies, both of which provide huge regen.  Which makes me really shaky about replacing either of them with throughput trinkets. 

We killed Shannox without much fanfare.  Then we moved on to Ryolith, which was much more intimidating for me.  The original kill was a two-heal, but it was Holy Pally/Resto Druid.  I was nervous, because I wasn’t sure how things were going to work with me in there, but my mastery really pulled through, I think.  Once people started standing in my rains and allowing me to chain, it wasn’t that big a deal.  The transition to P2 went well, but I ended up dying to a stomp.  I ended up ranking on it, which feels great.  I know HPS isn’t everything, but it’s good to know I’m capable of putting up as much as the best healers in the world.

We did a few (A lot) of attempts on Heroic Alys.  It didn’t go as well as last week, there was a lot of getting caught in fire and whatnot.  We two-healed it as well, which felt a lot better than I thought it would.  Mostly the tanks take damage, then there’s the occasional slip up by the dps, but if executed properly, there’s only going to be tank damage.  We had our warlock and fire mage go up to dps Alys, and our best attempt was a 60% wipe after the first crash.  Definately do-able, we just need better execution.  Just like every heroic, right?

I have a lot of good take-aways from last night.  First and formost being that I should be more confident in my healing.  I don’t need a third healer to pick up my slack.  I’m a strong AOE healer, and my mastery is at a comfortable level, where it feels like it’s saving people, but I’m not sacrificing too many other stats for it.  (This is incredibly exciting for Staghelm, where I’ll be stacking Concentration to heal the raid.  I’m considering Focused Insight for laying rains on that, but I’ll have to see if the gain in the effect on rain over 7 targets is going to justify the global for the shock, which could be a chain heal.).


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