Totems on the ceiling!

I recently became the proud owner of a brand new Sho’Ravon, and as I was looking at it, I started thinking about stats. There’s no definitive best stat for us.  Some people find this exceedingly frustrating,  find it refreshing and liberating.

I am inexplicably drawn to things that differentiate me within the spectrum of Restoration Shamans.  A subset of a subset, I attempt to eek out some semblance of individuality where BiS lists are holy, coveted documents which dicate how we look and heal. Part of this ‘black sheep’ mantra is using staves when possible, as many shaman cross these off the list when they stay up late making their “Purps I want” lists.  Point is, I want to be different, and I want other shamans to be able to be different too…

So when we can conceivably have shamans that are able to gear themselves WITH THEIR OWN PREFERENCE of Haste/Mastery/Crit I’m obviously very excited about this.  Currently I’m running a set that emphasizes Mastery over Crit, while maintaining a comfortable level of Haste (922 right now).  I would like to do more experimenting with Crit over Mastery or even running with Haste as my “REFORGE IT” stat.  We’re coming up on Heroic Staghelm attempts in the coming weeks though, and I’m going to be standing out for Concentration, and I think the Mastery is going to be strong there.  We’ll give it a go and see what happens.


All in all, I’m happy with where Shamans are.  We don’t have a “You must stack this or you’re bad” stat.  And I think that’s exactly where we should be.


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