I’m sorry ma’am, it appears you’ve dropped this totem.

Accidents happen.

Dealing with frustration in a progression PvE setting is difficult.  If you’re in a PUG or otherwise solo, it’s simple.  Blame everyone else.  The problem is, when the time comes, at some point you’ll be in a group of people you respect, who’s opinions you genuinely give a fuck about, and you’ll get mad Maybe someone stood in fire.  Maybe that someone was you.  And then you’ll have to deal with that anger/frustration/disappointment in some manner.  My first response is to get mad, start throwing around insults, whether it be to myself or others.

Recently, we had a night in Firelands that was just….not optimal.  Our first two pulls were accidental, and ended up in wipes.  So I got upset, and raised my voice.  Why was I upset?  I’m not sure, more than anything I think it’s because that “Well I wouldn’t effing do that”, but I think this is somehow wrong.  I have done that.  In my time playing this game, I’ve done almost everything, from the subtle totem aggro, to the auto-run Leroy Jenkins.  At the same time, I think there’s a break point.  A level of play that you get to where you just….don’t do that stuff anymore.  Maybe this is imaginary, because at 2/7 heroic, I believe this to be a point where that should be the case, and it’s not.  People still stand in fire, people still totem aggro.  It’s just in the way that you deal with it, and I probably just have to learn to deal with it better


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